EQS, the first fully electric car of the German automotive giant Mercedes-EQ brand in the luxury class, was introduced with the digital world launch.
The new EQS stands out as the first model based on modular architecture for luxury and high-end electric vehicles. Combining superior technology, design, functionality and connectivity, the EQS focuses on both the driver and the passengers.
Reaching an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.20 Cd with the "Purpose-Oriented Design" approach, the EQS became the world's most aerodynamic mass production car.
With its 21-inch large wheels, concealed door handles and aerodynamic details, the air friction coefficient of the vehicle has been reduced to 0.20.

The EQS model, which can offer a range of up to 770 kilometers (WLTP) and can be charged in 15 minutes for a range of up to 300 kilometers (WLTP), is planned to be available in the last quarter of 2021.
The camouflage of the EQS, whose technical details and interiors were shared before, has been removed. With a length of 5265 mm, the electric luxury sedan approaches the long wheelbase of the S-Class.

One of the most striking points in the technical details previously shared about the vehicle is the promise of a range of up to 770 kilometers.

According to the statements, the vehicle will be offered with two different battery options with a capacity of 108 kWh and 90 kWh.
It has been announced that the small battery has a range of 640 kilometers.
As part of the Ambition 2039 initiative, Mercedes-Benz aims to introduce a new carbon-neutral vehicle fleet in the next 20 years, while by 2030 it plans to equip more than half of the cars in its product range with electric and rechargeable systems.
The vehicle will be available in two different packages, EQS 450 and EQS 580.

The EQS 450 has 330 horsepower and 568 Nm of torque, while the EQS 580 4MATIC model with four-wheel drive system has 525 horsepower and 855 Nm of torque.

The moelin EQS 450+ version, which is limited to 210 kilometers, takes 6.2 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100.

The EQS 580 4MATIC does this in 4.3 seconds.

With fast charging technology, it is stated that the vehicle can reach a range of 300 kilometers with a 15-minute charge.

The vehicle also includes some of the features of the S-Class. Some of them are head-up display with augmented reality, rear wheels that can rotate up to 10 degrees, and automatically adjusted air suspension.
MBUX Hyperscreen, which will be used first in EQS, has 3 large screens based on scratching.

Behind these huge screens is an 8-core processor, 24 GB of RAM.
As in the S-Class, high luxury is offered in the rear seat of the vehicle. There are two 11.6-inch screens from the front headrests. The electric rear seats have heating, cooling and massage functions.

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