Citroen introduced the new flagship C5 X, which brings an innovative approach to the tradition of the brand's cars and brings a new breath to the large-volume automobile world with its original body proportions that blend sedan and station wagon body types.

According to Citroen, the new C5 X stands out as the best example of Citroen philosophy with its design and style. The C5 X combines the elegance of a sedan, the dynamism of a station wagon and the raised stance of an SUV in a single body.

The new C5 X offers the driver and passengers a "comfortable living space" at Lounge level, thanks to the new Citroen Advanced Comfort active suspension and Advanced Comfort seats offered as part of the Citroen Advanced Comfort program.

The C5 X is equipped with advanced and modern technologies that make life in the vehicle easier, with an enlarged raised display screen, driving assistance systems that enable semi-autonomous driving, and a new 12-inch HD touch screen communication interface with natural voice recognition.

Available in both gasoline and rechargeable hybrid versions, the new model expresses modernity, status and innovation and aims to meet the high expectations of both large-volume car and SUV segment customers.

The Citroen Advanced Comfort, which further enhances the feeling of "traveling on the magic carpet", one of the most important qualities in Citroen history, opens a whole new page with the world introduction of active suspension.

The lounge-style interior offers an enhanced comfort level with Advanced Comfort seats and a superior travel experience, especially by providing a wide and spacious living space to the second row passengers.

The luggage, which is carefully shaped and offers a volume of 545 liters, also meets the needs of station wagon customers. The rechargeable hybrid version, which combines daily electric driving with e-Comfort feature, provides a peaceful transportation experience.

The feeling of peace and comfort in the vehicle is further enhanced by technologies that make the car easier to use. Technologies such as an enlarged elevated display screen, driver assistance systems that reduce the load on the driver such as highway driving assistant, or a new infotainment system with a 12-inch HD touch screen, natural voice recognition and a tablet-like customizable display stand out as some of these.

Advanced driving assistance systems for a safer and more comfortable driving

Equipped with radars, cameras and sensors, the C5 X offers the most up-to-date driving support systems.

With technologies such as highway driver driving assistant that combines adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go and lane tracking assistant features, the C5 X provides level 2 semi-autonomous driving features in accordance with current regulations.

Technologies such as long-range blind spot warning system, rear cross traffic warning, Top 360 Vision which facilitates maneuvers by displaying the external environment on the screen, close range keyless entry and starting make daily life easier.

The C5 X will hit the road in Europe from the second half of this year with petrol and hybrid engine options.

We offer a peaceful driving experience, an art of living

"With the C5 X we have created a truly ambitious vehicle to win customers who are increasingly inclined to explore the world. An ambitious and original car that truly embodies all of Citroen's expertise. Innovative approach." and with solutions, we offer a peaceful driving experience, an art of living. " found the assessment.

Citroen Design Manager Pierre Leclercq, on the design of the new C5 X, said: "Combining the elegance of a sedan, the dynamism of a station wagon and the powerful stance of an SUV into a single body, the C5 X embodies the claim of Citroen design. With its modern light signature, the C5 X is perceived as a Citroen even at first eye contact. used the expressions.

On the other hand, Citroen Product, Strategy Manager Laurence Hansen stated that they want to offer an exciting and highly ambitious option to D segment customers looking for a modern, detailed, comfortable and versatile solution with the C5 X, saying, "Original design, advanced comfort features, rechargeable hybrid system and With its innovative solutions, the C5 X offers a Citroen-style solution. " used the expressions.

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