Dacia Duster planning; Bugster Concept

Increasing its efficiency and competitiveness with the establishment of the Dacia-Lada business unit, the brand will also go up in the product side. The introduction of the Bigster Concept opens new horizons for Dacia in the C segment.

Denis Le Vot, CEO of Dacia and Lada brands, said, “The Dacia brand will continue to offer consumers reliable, original and best price-performance ratio vehicles. Thanks to the establishment of the Dacia-Lada business unit, we will increase our productivity by taking advantage of the CMF-B platform in production and further increase the competitiveness, quality and attractiveness of the product. "We will have everything we need to raise our brand perception even higher under the leadership of Bigster Concept".

New Bigster Concept

Bigster Concept, developed in keeping with the Dacia style, winking at new horizons with its large interior volume, durable and designed for joyful use on any road type. With a length of 4.6 meters, Bigstar Concept continues Dacia's success in making the SUV segment accessible.

Dacia Design Director, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, “Bigster Concept summarizes the evolution of the brand: Attractive, modern touches and an 'outdoor' spirit. At Dacia, we believe that accessibility is not in any way contrasted with attractiveness, and Bigster Concept is the clearest proof of this ”. The strong values ​​created by Dacia, thanks to the fact that it always catches the pulse of its customers and its success in fulfilling the demands from them, also permeate Bigster Concept's DNA: simplicity, reliability and originality.

Bigster Concept's message is clear: Durable, robust and reassuring. Its generous exterior dimensions promise an extremely spacious living space also in the interior. The light signature in Y form with increasing dimensions highlights its bold and assertive style. Its dark green color shows everyone the adventurer lying inside. Bigster Concept, which is also a pioneer in environmental awareness, used recycled plastics in all outer protective panels.

The fact that Bigster Concept can be offered with both alternative energy and hybrid engines will enable Dacia to comply with changing regulations and perfectly respond to consumer expectations. With the Bigster Concept, Dacia will continue to be a brand that offers its customers a unique, unique and enjoyable experience. The Dacia brand, which will offer more freedom of movement than ever before with Bigster Concept, will continue to focus on the basic needs and expectations of customers and to offer more attractive products.

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