Land Rover won the "Best Designed Vehicle of the Year in the World in 2021" award with its new Land Rover Defender, a model with its original design and all-terrain capability to cope with all road conditions.

One of the most prestigious awards of the automotive world and selected by more than 90 automotive journalists from 24 countries, the New Land Rover Defender was selected as the “Best Designed Vehicle of the Year in the World” at the 17th World Car Awards. added a new one to more global awards.

Staying loyal to the pioneering spirit of Land Rover for more than 70 years and redefining the 21st century adventure, New Land Rover Defender completes its brand new design bearing traces of the past with modern touches. Developed with brand new technologies, staying true to the traces of the past with its off-road features and offering unique features for city use, the New Land Rover Defender rises on the D7x architecture, which is designed to withstand Land Rover's Extreme Test procedures.

More Customization with Four Different Accessory Packs

Offering more personalization options to its users with four different accessory packages, the New Land Rover Defender gives its drivers the opportunity to create the most suitable Defender for their world with Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban packages. The Explorer Pack, which is presented with details such as the carrier mounted on the side body and the roof rack, is among the options with its features designed for those who want to leave a mark on all kinds of terrain. In the Country Pack, which provides preparedness for all conditions, the portable washing system and full-size loading area compartment are among the features offered to the users. When it comes to discovering new roads, the accessories such as the integrated air compressor and seat backpack that come with the Adventure Pack provide convenience to drivers while struggling with the challenges of nature. In addition, the Urban Pack, which is prepared to dominate the city life with its features such as shiny metal pedals and shiny rear friction plate, is among the accessory options that can be preferred.

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