The 3.0-liter V6 engine of the 296 GTS, which has the V6 hybrid powertrain system previously used in the 296 GTB, produces 663 horsepower on its own, together with the electric motor, produces 830 horsepower and 740 Nm of torque and extends from 0 to 100 km. It completes the /s acceleration in just 2.9 seconds.

Ferrari has unveiled the 296 GTS, the latest evolution of the Berlinetta Spider. The mid-rear-engined 296 GTS completes the 296 GTB model by redefining driving pleasure, providing thoroughbred Ferrari driving both at the limits and in everyday use. The name of the 296 GTS consists of its displacement (2992 cc), the number of cylinders (6) and the abbreviation of the Ferrari tradition GTS (Gran Turismo Spider) to emphasize the importance of the new engine for Maranello. The engine of the 296 GTS also heralds the "new V6 era" in Ferrari's history, which has a long history of 75 years full of achievements and innovations.

The 296 GTS is equipped with the new 663 HP 120° V6 with the "Prancing Horse" logo, the first 6-cylinder engine to be used in a road-type Spider, and powered by a 122 kW (167 cv) electric motor like the 296 GTB. The V6 engine, which provides performance levels that could not be imagined before, offers a total power of 830 HP together with the electric motor. The electromotor called MGU-K (Engine Generator Unit, Kinetic) is adapted from Formula 1. The electric motor and the internal combustion engine communicate via the Transition Management Actuator (TMA), which separates them to combine to produce a total system power of 830 HP or to allow the electric motor to operate alone. Electrical system 7.45 kWh pot

The 296 GTS's rechargeable hybrid (PHEV) system reduces pedal response times to zero and provides a range of 25 km in all-electric mode (eDrive). The compact dimensions and innovative dynamic control systems combined with the sporty appearance of the car, as well as its aerodynamic features, which are handled with great care, bring along an agile driving character that instantly responds to the commands of the driver. The modern and striking design of the 296 GTS also refers to the 1963 250 LM, another model that reflects the perfect combination of simplicity and functionality. The RHT (Removable Hard Top) roof, which provides comfort to passengers in addition to its functional design, stands out with its stylish and

The lightweight structure of the RHT (Openable Hard Top) roof system offers its users the opportunity to open or close in just 14 seconds up to 45 km/h. The dividing line between the body of the car and the roof is located on the B-pillar. Thus, the sunroof folds into two sections at the front of the engine, maintaining the thermal dissipation characteristics and design stability of the engine compartment. This also allows designers to place a window on the back of the bonnet where the new V6 engine is clearly visible. When the roof is opened, the cabin and the rear are separated by a height-adjustable glass. This ensures optimum passenger comfort even at high speeds. As with the SF90 Stradale, the 296 GTS is also available with a lightweight and aerodynamically optimized "Assetto Fiorano" package for customers who want to make the most of the car's performance on the track. It's powered by an acidic high-voltage battery and an inverter.

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