Volvo and Google Partnership

Volvo has announced that it will partner with Google to directly integrate its cars with Google Assistant-enabled devices.

According to the statement, Volvo, which aims to be the first car manufacturer to provide the said integration, will allow its users to control functions in their cars by giving voice commands to their Google Assistant-enabled home and mobile devices.

In this way, it was stated that users can talk to Google directly in their cars by pairing their Volvo cars with their Google accounts, and remotely manage functions such as heating or locking the car.

In addition, it was stated that information such as the start of the car's charging process, including charging planning, and planning future functions, will be provided.


Speaking about the collaboration, Volvo Cars CPO (Chief Product Officer) Henrik Green said: "We were the first automaker to introduce Google technology and services in our cars. We will now be the first manufacturer to fully integrate Google Assistant-enabled devices. This is the next step in our partnership with Google. "It further enhances the user experience as it gives customers the ability to manage their cars at home or on the go from any personal device with Google Assistant."

It is stated that the Swedish brand also aims to integrate cars with Google Assistant to support the move to switch to all-electric.

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