Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, comes to the fore with interesting statements and exits, apart from his crazy projects. The famous entrepreneur made remarkable statements at the event held in Tesla's factory in California and told investors about their future plans. Musk's real purpose is revealed.

In the event, where investors each attended their own Tesla, it was explained how the electric vehicle company Tesla will develop its batteries in the coming period.

At this event, Musk announced that Tesla will produce a car that will be released from $ 25,000 in the next three years thanks to its newly developed battery.

Musk had previously said that Tesla will likely never produce a car under $ 35,000.

Stating that Tesla can produce cheaper vehicles thanks to the reduction of battery production costs thanks to the development of its own batteries, Musk also stated that this car will also be fully automatic.

The event also explained in detail how Tesla has made technical innovations in battery design and battery production capacity.

However, the fact that a model was not introduced at the event or that Tesla did not provide detailed information about what has achieved so far, disappointed its investor.

Tesla shares fell 7 percent after the presentation, due to the failure to introduce promising innovations for the near future.

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