The promotion of new models continues at the ongoing IAA Mobility fair in Germany. German brand BMW also introduced the fully recyclable concept i Vision Circular.

BMW has participated in the carbon neutral issue, which is one of the areas where the automotive world has concentrated recently, with an ambitious model.

The brand, which aims to produce 50 percent of the vehicles it produces with recyclable materials, showed its claim on this subject with the concept vehicle it introduced in Munich. The brand's iVision Circular concept is made of 100% recyclable materials.

Batteries, one of the most difficult parts of today, are included in this transformation. The vehicle, which is not expected to hit the roads, reflects the brand's 2040 vision. When the vehicle is viewed from the front, the position of the headlights reveals the character of BMW. According to the information received, the console design of the vehicle was completely produced with 3D printers.

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