Four new vehicle architectures, new technology roadmap, a new global retail identity and the name of a brand new car. Lotus has made a series of big news announcements about the ongoing transformation of its business and brand.

“Our ongoing Vision80 plan to transform Lotus is under way,” said Matt Windle, Managing Director of Lotus Cars. This year is a very important year for Lotus, especially with our sports cars, we are coming to the end of one era and starting another. The spirit and passion that gave the world Elise, Exige and Evora will live in the next generation cars - cars like the brand new Lotus Emira. "

Lotus Emira: World launch on July 6

Lotus has confirmed more details about the brand new sports car, so far known only under the codename Type 131 and now confirmed to be Lotus Emira. The word pronounced 'e-meer-a' is found in many ancient languages ​​and is often translated as 'commander' or 'leader'. This is perfectly suited as it is the exciting new sports car that takes Lotus on a journey towards an exciting new future.

Emira will showcase its production house Hethel at the Lotus Advanced Performance Center on Tuesday, July 6, and make its public dynamic debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​on July 8-11. Lotus has confirmed that the car will not be a hybrid. Emira will be powered by a series of internal combustion engines. Emira, which will be the new additional powertrain, will use highly efficient and state-of-the-art technology.

The exclusive electric sports car architecture is being developed jointly with Renault's Alpine sports car brand, which is also switching to electric vehicles. It also revealed details of Geely's investment, with two new vehicle architectures that will allow it to build electric sports cars and electric SUVs rather than trying to develop battery-powered cars from existing models.

The pure electric future demonstrated by the Evija hypercar for the first time for Lotus has been part of the Vision80 strategy from the beginning. After the Lotus Emira, every new Lotus car will be electrified.

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