Tesla announced that it will begin delivering Model 3 electric vehicles, which it produces at its factory in Shanghai, before the end of January.

The company announced today that Shanghai made Model 3 vehicles reached Tesla's outlets in China and were exhibited at the Guangzhou Motor Show 2019, which started today.

John Zhu, President of the East China Office of Tesla Academy, said that the first series of Chinese production Tesla Model 3 will be delivered before the Spring Festival, which corresponds to January 25, 2020.

On the other hand, the Tesla Model 3 vehicles produced in Shanghai will not be used in test drives for a while due to the fact that the license required for traffic in China has not yet been obtained and will be exhibited only in stores.

Tesla announced last month's quarterly earnings report that the factory in Shanghai, which was completed in 10 months, started trial production before the scheduled date.

The factory, the largest foreign-owned manufacturing project in Shanghai, was laid last January.

The initial price of Tesla Model 3 was set at 355,800 yuan (approximately US $ 50,600). This figure is lower than the current imported version of Model 3 in China.

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