Developed by adapting the GTC4Lusso and specially designed according to the demands of only one customer, the V12 coupe strengthens the ties with the past and carries the strong heritage of the brand to the present.

Adding to Ferrari's "special projects" series, the Ferrari BR20 is introduced. BR20, which takes its place among the most distinguished models in Maranello's product range and was developed completely according to the expectations of its customers, will be produced only one. Developed on the GTC4Lusso platform, the two-seater V12 coupe makes reference to Ferrari models of the 1950s and 60s without any hint of nostalgia in terms of philosophy and design approach. It also blends distinctive design elements from some of the most iconic 12-cylinder models in Ferrari history, including the 410 SA and 500 Superfast. While the BR20 reveals the elegance unique to Ferrari, it also reflects sportiness with its muscular structure.

Unique in Every Way, "Custom" Car

While developing the BR20; Based on the GTC4Lusso, the two rear seats have been canceled to add extra dynamism to the car's elegant fastback line. The BR20 is designed to be 3 inches taller than the GTC4Lusso, thanks to its special rear overhang designed to create a silhouette that emphasizes body proportions. One of the cornerstones of the model's design process was the radical change in cabin volume. Providing a strong and consistent exterior design theme to the design team led by Flavio Manzoni, the innovative body proportions created the impression of a double arch extending from the A-pillar to the rear spoiler. The rear volume of the arch is hollowed out to create an aerodynamic channel with the air outlet. This recess is hidden by the black backing under the spoiler. The modern interpretation of Ferrari's "flying buttress" theme links not only Ferrari's GT tradition, but also design cues from cars like the 599 GTB Fiorano. The muscular rear bumper of the vehicle also creates a picture in harmony with the aggressive appearance of the car. Double taillights create a visual harmony with specially designed double round exhaust outlets integrated into the aerodynamic diffuser with active blades in the lower body.

Carbon fiber details in the BR20 emphasize the car's sharp dynamics and powerful performance. High, curved side skirts accentuate the front air outlets in the fenders, adding a distinct dynamism to the car's side view. 20-inch diamond-cut wheels and a carbon fiber insert above the wide front grille create a design integrity with one-of-a-kind Ferrari models, while chrome side inserts accentuate the dynamic front of the car.

The BR20's distinctive personality is further emphasized by new horizontal slats that give the front grille a strong three-dimensional feel. In the project where many parts, including the modified headlights, are specially designed for the BR20; Compared to the GTC4Lusso, the engine hood, with its lower positioned and thin daytime running lights, displays a longer and stylish appearance. The interior of the BR20 is in line with the customer's request; It is trimmed with duotone brown leather and carbon fiber. A special pattern and silver cross stitching complete the seats, which are covered in dark brown “Heritage Testa di Moro” leather. The cabin volume, which flows uninterruptedly from the windshield to the rear window, offers a feeling of complete spaciousness. Carbon fiber inserts adorn the interior, rear, trunk and door handles.

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