Tesla, which is the pioneer of the industry with its electric vehicles, seems one step ahead in autonomous driving.

Tesla now promises a fully automatic drive to its users with the beta version of the recently released new fully automatic driving system.

Until now, warnings from both Tesla and Elon Musk stated that the system was reliable, but it was still necessary to stay behind the wheel and not be complacent. These warnings continue in the beta version. It is stated that there may be systemic problems despite the innovations made.

With the beta version offered to a limited number of users, it is said that all control will now be in the vehicles. In other words, Tesla cars can now make the necessary turns and overtake the vehicle to reach the route.

The company states that the system, which will be developed continuously, will reach more users in the coming days. The system, which is entirely based on neural networks, will develop faster as it is used by more people.


Users who have tried the driving system so far have shared their experiences on their social media accounts.

One user who tried the beta version and said it was not bad at all shared how the software moved on the roundabout. The user, who says the vehicle is extremely cautious, states that he does not control the vehicle until he leaves the intersection.


In Level 5, the state-of-the-art autonomous driving system, all controls now belong to the vehicle and the driver can be completely disabled.

Everything happens automatically, including steering management, acceleration with the accelerator and brake pedals, all critical situations, and special situations such as environmental control and traffic jams.

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