The first fully electric compact model of the German automotive manufacturer BMW, the i3, reached a production figure of 200 thousand units. It was announced that the 200,000th sample of the i3 came off the tape with its Fluid Black metallic color. The German model first hit the roads 7 years ago.

The i3, BMW's first large-scale mass production model powered entirely by electricity, has reached 200,000 production in the 7 years since its launch.

The German car was not only BMW's first large-scale series model powered entirely by electricity, it was also noted to be the brand's first car made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

According to the statement, painting the exterior of the vehicle requires 75 percent less energy and 70 percent less water compared to traditional processes. 25 percent of the materials used for the i3's thermoplastic exterior parts are either made from recycled or renewable resources.

While the energy used in the production of the BMW i3, which uses a high percentage of renewable raw materials and recycled materials in its interior, is provided by wind turbines on the factory site, the entire production process is carried out with the least impact on the environment.

According to the information given, with the improvements made in the car in 7 years, the engine of the i3 was increased from 226 to 42.2 kWh without changing its size, and the range of the vehicle increased between 285 and 310 kilometers.

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