Aiways introduces full electric U5

Shanghai-based carmaker Aiways began mass production of the new full-electric SUV U5 and delivered it to domestic customers. The vehicle, which has an electric road range of 503 kilometers, will begin selling to European countries in April 2020.

Speaking at the opening ceremony in Hainan for the introduction of the new car, Aiways co-founder Samuel Fu said that their production move is an important step to satisfy the demand for new and clean energy-driven cars in China. “After mass production and deliveries in our country, we took a decisive step. In the beginning of the year we will enter the European market with full electric U5. ”

Samuel Fu; He thinks the U5 will attract large segments of the world with low emissions, high-tech indicators and a striking design. He believes that he will be admired in many European countries because of the same characteristics.

U5 series production in China started at the new Aiways Shangrao production facility, which cost € 1.73 billion. The facility, which has “Industry 4.0” characteristics, was completed in a short period of 14 months and started production. The facility has an annual capacity of 150 thousand vehicles. However, this capacity will increase up to 300 thousand in case of excessive demand.

On the other hand, the company intends to launch Chinese-made electric vehicles of high value and affordable prices to global markets thanks to a comprehensive optimization process and production control. The specifications, pricing and marketing model of the vehicles to be presented to Europe will be announced at the beginning of 2020.

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