Japanese carmaker Suzuki has already announced in early 2020 that it will introduce a 48-volt light hybrid engine in detail.

The new 48-volt lightweight hybrid engine will replace the company's existing 1.4-liter Boosterjet. However, there is no explanation yet about the technical values ​​of this new engine.

If we look at the details of the system, the new engine is made of very light materials, so it is not heavier than normal engines. It includes a 48-volt lithium-ion battery, an integrated generator, and a 48V-12V converter.

It will also be integrated into the new K14D coded Boosterjet engine, an improved version of the existing Boosterjet engine.

We stated that the detailed technical specifications of the system were not explained. However, the torque range is as good as 235 Nm from a low speed of 2,000 rpm.

We also know that the battery and converter are located just under the front seats. It is also known that this system will move the vehicle using only electric power at urban traffic speeds of 16 km / h and below, thus providing some fuel economy.

This engine is expected to come around March 2020 to the models counted.

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