The transformation in the automotive industry focused on electric and driverless vehicles, while the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai 'flying car' attack. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020), the brand will showcase the Personale Air Vehicle (PAV) under the name of the vision of the future.

Hyundai's future vision continues with the Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV).

Customizable concept vehicles with autonomous driving offer far more than a simple means of transport, allowing unlimited possibilities.

These two smart mobility solutions will be used in crowded cities in the future, and the joint airports will be brought together in HUBs, which will also enable social environments to be built.

In addition to the PAV which will be exhibited as a concept at the fair, the public airports (HUB) where such vehicles will be used will be presented to the visitors. Developed as a solution to traffic congestion and problems in the city, these concepts also aim to save humanity time.

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