Nissan's most preferred compact SUV model Qashqai, the new generation of diesel engines will not offer the option.

Introduced in the first months of 2019, the car has reached a sales figure of 100,000 units. This makes the car the third best-selling passenger car in the world.

Instead, Nissan will offer an alternative motor with hybrid technology with electric motor support.

Offering a wide range of internal combustion engines, Qashqai will shelve its diesel-powered versions with the next-generation version.

The new Qashqai, scheduled for September 2020, will have a hybrid engine, according to Autonews.

Nissan will use the plug-in hybrid technology of Mitsubishi, another Japanese brand in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance.

The biggest reason for the brand to make this decision in Europe, according to ACEA'ya 45 percent in 2017, diesel engine sales fell to 30 percent.

Ian We saw an impressive decline in diesel engines, G said Gianluca de Ficchy, CEO of the brand. We are adapting ourselves to the new train ”. De Ficchy wants 40 percent of the brand's European sales to be produced in 2022 by electric motor car models.

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