Tesla announced the expected data on vehicle sales after its financial statement announced last week.

In the third quarter of 2019, Tesla's electric vehicle sales in the US fell 39 percent year-on-year, upsetting its investors. There was no comment from the company authorities about this situation, which was the first clarity for Tesla. According to the reports announced each year, the brand's sales decreased for the first time in two years.

Tesla's largest share in total revenue is the US market. Sales fell from $ 5.13 billion to $ 3.13 billion in total. But there was also a pleasing development for the company. China's sales increased by 64 percent to $ 669 million, among the incoming information.

It should be noted that the company's total revenue decreased by 8 percent annually and fell to $ 6.30 billion. Model 3 can be said to produce the expected long-term impact.

India was targeted

Tesla, which has strengthened its position in the American and European markets, seems determined to expand to new continents. It seems Elon Musk is very optimistic about stepping into the Indian market.

In India, a 100% import tax is imposed on imported vehicles with pricing of $ 40,000 or more. As such, many brands have reservations about entering this market with potential. According to the latest information, the Indian government is preparing to take steps to turn the country into an electric car base. The underlying reason for this seems to be India's third largest importer of crude oil in the world. The government's goal is to reach 50 GWh of solar energy production in the country.

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