BMW introduced the 8 generation BMW iDrive, which takes the interaction between driver and car to a new dimension.

Transforming the infotainment system as a radical idea in the automotive industry 20 years ago for the first time, BMW iDrive now promises a user-specific, highly intelligent and intuitive interaction with its eighth generation. The new generation BMW iDrive, with BMW Operating System 8 at its center, establishes a symbiotic link between driving information, displays, controls and the driver.

New BMW iDrive, previewed with the BMW iX model last year, transforms the interaction between driver and vehicle into a unique experience where the boundaries between the digital and analogue worlds disappear. The BMW Curved Screen, in which the new generation infotainment system is integrated, combines a 12.3-inch information display and a 14.9-inch control screen. Thanks to the BMW Curved Display, the number of physical buttons used is reduced by almost half, while the center console and instrument panels have a strikingly clear and minimalist design. The familiar iDrive Controller continues to be positioned as the central control element in the center console, while the glass-effect coating used in the BMW iX reinforces the premium feel.

Graphical User Interface

The user interface, which creates an impressive and immersive visual appearance with its eye-catching graphics, modern colors, futuristic texture, has been optimized to present the most accurate amount of information at any time in a simple and understandable way. The driver-centered information display has a generously sized surface, dynamic light effects, strong color depth, as well as an extremely high graphic resolution of 200 ppi.

The extensive customization options available for the screens behind the steering wheel can be selected extremely quickly and easily via the steering wheel function keys. The driver can switch between three modes according to personal preference or driving situation. The "Drive" mode uses a dynamically changing area in the center of the information display to show individually selectable information, while the "Focus" mode is designed for dynamic driving situations. The "Gallery" mode minimizes the view of driving information to make as much space for widget content as possible.

Natural Dialogues with BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

The new generation BMW iDrive also brings additional features to the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. While users can define a name of their choice for the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, then they can also use it as a command.

The assistant also has a new "face" of light spheres of different sizes and brightness levels. This “face” has a reliable and attractive aura that can express different emotions and moods in a non-verbal, human-like way.

Advances have also been made in the functionality of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. An expanded core repository not only made the digital assistant smarter, it also allowed it to act on context. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is able to take into account the surrounding situation when considering when and how to communicate with those in the car. In addition, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can distinguish who is speaking to it.

A Unique Driving Experience

The new "My Modes" feature provides an all-encompassing user experience tailored to the driver's personal preferences. My "Modes" can perceive many senses, from sight to hearing and touch. It can be controlled very easily by voice command or by using a special button on the center console.

"My Mods" can precisely combine ten different parameters in the car. These parameters include previous driving experiences such as the driving system, transmission control, steering characteristics and chassis settings. The enabled configuration is indicated by the change in screen color developed specifically for "My Modes". Switching between "my modes" also produces acoustic changes, including adjusting the engine sound. The new BMW iDrive system has the modes "Efficient", "Sport" and "Personal". Further mods are planned to be added as part of the ongoing development of BMW iDrive in the future.

Intelligent Automation of Climate Control

Intelligent automatic climate control regulates seat heating and ventilation as well as steering wheel heating to ensure optimum thermal comfort. To make the operation of the air conditioning system as energy efficient as possible, automatic climate control takes into account a number of other factors, such as the number of passengers, where they sit, and the intensity or direction of sunlight. BMW's intelligent climate control system can adjust more precisely than any other air conditioning system in the automotive industry.

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