The highly anticipated Mercedes-Benz C Series has been completely renewed. The German automaker, assertively returning to the premium D segment, is here with its new C Series with the W206 case code!

German automaker Mercedes-Benz has managed to sell more than 10 million C Series since 1982. The brand, which completely renewed the 5th generation C Series, which sold more than 4.5 million units, now comes up with the 6th generation of the model. Details of the C Series, which comes with Sedan and Station Wagon body types, are in our article!

When we look at the design of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class family, which are known as W206 (sedan) and S206 (T-Modell or Estate) respectively, interesting details draw attention. According to Mercedes, the completely renewed design of the vehicle provides the feeling of being in motion even when standing. The new C Series has acquired a similar design to the new S and E Series on the overall design side.

The front of the new C Series, called Predator, has a very sporty and stylish look with High Performance LED headlights and star detailed grille. In addition, Digital Light headlights in the S Series can be purchased as an option. This design, dominated by simple lines, is accompanied by 17 ″ to 19 ″ wheels. However, the Estate version continues to maintain its truly unique, classic Mercedes-Benz station formula.

When we move on to the interior of the W206 Mercedes-Benz C Series, a simple and elegant interior welcomes us. The W206 C Series, which has two main screens, includes the layout we see in the new S-Series. In the new C Series, which looks like a small S Series, the 10.25-inch digital instrument panel placed behind the new steering wheel can be replaced with a larger 12.3-inch display. Another detail we are used to from the S Series is the central screen that elegantly combines the central console and the chest. It is possible to upgrade this screen, which comes in 9.5 inches as standard, to 11.9 inches for an extra fee. In addition, both screens in the new C Series are rotated 6 degrees for the driver to comfortably control during the journey.

Mercedes-Benz C Series draws attention with its stylish interior design!

While the new illuminated air vents welcome us on the center console; Let us point out that quality materials are used everywhere from the door panel to the armrest. It should also be added that the interior ambience lighting system of the car is quite successful and stylish.

The new generation W206 Mercedes-Benz C Series Sedan is 65 mm longer, 10 mm wider and 9 mm lower than the W205 it replaces in terms of size. The car, which reaches 2,865 mm with an increase of 25 mm in the wheelbase, thus offers a more comfortable living space.

Mercedes-Benz supports this increase in exterior dimensions also inside; by increasing the rear knee distance by 21 mm and the head distance by 13 mm, it increased these dimensions to 914 and 955 mm, respectively. The track width of the car, which narrowed significantly from front to back in the past, is 1.582 mm at the front and 1.594 mm at the rear. Therefore, it is possible to say that a spacious environment is provided in the interior.

Thanks to the RWS, namely the rear axle steering system, offered in the C-Class, whose luggage volume remains at 455 liters, the axle distance is shortened virtually at speeds below 60 km / h. In this way, the turning diameter was reduced by 43 cm to 10.64 meters. In addition, the rear wheels with a turning angle of up to 2.5 degrees increase stability by turning in the same direction as the front tires above 60 km/h.

Mercedes-Benz equips the new generation C-Class with 3 gasoline, 3 diesel and plug-in hybrid engines. In the engine range of all four cylinders, gasoline engines are 170 in 1.5 turbo C180; The 2.0 turbo C300 offers 258 hp. In addition, the 1.5 turbo C200 will now produce 204 hp instead of 184 hp.

Diesel engines, all of which are 2.0 liters, offer 163 hp in the C 200d, 200 hp in the C 220d, and 265 hp in the C300d. The C 300e, powered by a 25.4 kWh battery, will offer a total of 313 hp and 550 Nm of torque. In addition, the hybrid version will provide an electric range of up to 100 km in pure electric driving mode.

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