The new iDrive infotainment system, which will be presented first with the BMW iX model, will provide its users with a unique technological experience.

BMW's iDrive technology, which was first used in the BMW 7 Series model in 2001, allowed to manage all cabin control functions from one place, while at the same time, it was providing a function beyond its age by showing navigation data, audio and telephone settings. Leading the industry for many years, iDrive has continued its infotainment system development and has become one of the most interesting technologies in BMW's interior. The new generation of iDrive, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and aims to be the reference point of its class, will first be launched with BMW's electric flagship iX.

Taking the Relationship Between BMW and Its Driver to a New Dimension

While the new generation BMW iDrive fills the gap between analog and digital technology, it offers a much safer, comfortable and functional mobility experience by offering physical and electronic keys together. With the use of artificial intelligence, the new generation iDrive, which has increased the sensing and analyzing ability of the sensors to the environment, quickly transmits all the necessary information to the driver during the journey, from road conditions to car performance, from parking maneuver warnings to possible dangers.

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