The new 10.25-inch TFT display makes its debut on BMW motorcycles this year. The new dimensions of the screen show all relevant information at a glance without distracting the driver.

Freely programmable split screen, which simultaneously displays vehicle information and app content on the smartphone, was once only used in premium cars. Bosch's new integrated connectivity dashboard makes this feature available for motorcycles in the form of a 10.25 inch TFT display. In addition, the smartphone integration solution mySPIN also brings the contents of the connected phone to the motorcycle's screen. Bosch's survey of 2,600 motorcycle riders concluded that eight out of ten riders would gladly use this function. Geoff Liersch, President of Bosch's Two-Wheelers and Motorsport Division, said: “Our dashboards used in conjunction with MySPIN offer motorcyclists a new driving experience that provides greater safety and convenience. “This is the next step for us in terms of connectivity in motorcycles”.

It informs quickly

Users decide what content they want to see on the screen, and all of this can be controlled with the handlebar. For example, the content of a smartphone app is automatically adapted with mySPIN to display relevant information to match the size of the motorcycle screen. The split screen continues to show essential information like speed and alerts.

Connecting securely to the network

According to a Bosch survey, about 90 percent of drivers use their smartphones for travel preparation or tracking while traveling. One third of drivers put themselves in great danger by using their smartphones even while driving. Bosch has developed the smartphone integration solution mySPIN to make the use of smartphone contents safer and more comfortable. MySPIN, which has been used in BRP vehicles in the motor sports segment since 2018, including off-road vehicles or personal watercraft, will be used in the motorcycle segment for the first time. Ducati will introduce it with Bosch's new 6.5-inch connectivity display, which does not have a split-screen option. “We want motorcyclists to have integrated and easy access to smartphone content while riding their motorcycles,” said Vincenzo De Silvio, Director of Research and Development, Ducati. "We found the right way to do this, thanks to the mySPIN platform and the integrated connectivity dashboard." The solution will also be introduced by Kawasaki from 2021.

The rider accesses a rich range of services through a variety of motorcycle specific applications. REVER to download, follow and share exciting routes with like-minded drivers; With partners like Genius Maps and Sygic to find the way to nearby hotels or restaurants, and Dash Radio [1] for free premium digital radio, mySPIN offers an enhanced driving experience. The application portfolio is constantly being expanded globally.

Comprehensive solution

As a leading supplier of motorcycle restraint systems, Bosch's top priority over the years has been to make motorcycle riding safer. However, the company also wants to offer drivers a more comfortable and exciting experience. The connectivity between rider, motorcycle and their surroundings plays a crucial role in this. Help Connect is an example of this. The digital networked emergency call system for motorcycles increases road safety by enabling rescue teams to be sent quickly and automatically in the event of an accident. This is another piece of evidence that demonstrates how Bosch is adapting powered two-wheelers to the mobility needs of the future.

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