BMW has invested about 400 million euros in the Dingolfing Factory, the largest plant in Europe for its 100 percent electric model BMW iNEXT and other models with advanced autonomous driving technology.

In Dingolfing, where 330 thousand cars are produced annually, a mixed portfolio of 100 percent electric, plug-in hybrid and internal combustion engine cars will be produced on a single band with the launch of BMW iNEXT in 2021. Currently, plug-in hybrid vehicles make up about 10 percent of production at Dingolfing plants, while iNEXT will be the first hundred percent electric car of the factory.

Dingolfing is planned to meet the varying needs of different markets thanks to its flexible production structure. With the completion of the investment, Dingolfing will be able to offer BMW enthusiasts around the world multiple solutions covering different driving technologies to meet their mobility needs. With the existing investments and ongoing works, Dingolfing Factory is preparing to become the center for the standard production of cars with advanced autonomous driving technology while transitioning to e-mobility.

Beyond being a new model, iNEXT, which will be produced in Dingolfing, will shape the way of development of new generation technologies that lead innovation and autonomous driving in the automotive industry. With the facility's production infrastructure, BMW iNEXT, which will feed other models to be produced in the future, will reach a more efficient and high-scale capacity. Both the brand officials and their lovers have great expectations from these facilities. The German manufacturer will carry out his research here, in addition to the production of his future plans.

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