The German giant BMW, the renewed front grille has attracted the attention of car enthusiasts. According to a statement from BMW, they received "positive feedback" about the new front design.

Referring to Peter Henrich, senior vice president of BMW's product management department, Autocar said the brand received "positive feedback" on this design.

We don't always know where and from whom the complained piece gets a positive comment in the news about the large kidney grid range starting with X7.

Even more insane for the G80 BMW M3 and the new 4 Series, which is expected to be unveiled next year, there are rumors of the front grille in the brand's previously introduced Concept 4 setting, as far as we know, more than the X7.

It may not be nice to see such grills in the M3 and M4, but Autocar has made an interesting point. Every BMW model is appealing to a different audience and the large grille is able to work on some models.

For example, it is strange to see such grids in the new 4 Series, but in the X7, which stands out with its large size, this can be considered a good design detail. Speaking to Autocar, Henrich points out that the models positioned differently in the range exhibit separate characters:

"Some models can be more outgoing and brave than others because they carry different messages." said.

In fact, this sentence, the brand does not use a giant kidney grill on all new models, some cars, according to the position of this piece will remain relatively small.

The new M3 and M4 will also be considered high-end, that is, equipped with a large grille.

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