The fourth of Audi's 'Sphere' model family: Audi activespher

Audi has added a new one to its 'Sphere-Sphere' concept car family: Audi activesphere concept.

The concept car family that Audi has introduced since August 2021 has expanded with the fourth model Audi activesphere concept. With its “sphere-sphere” concept cars, Audi showcases its vision of tomorrow's premium mobility.

The Audi activesphere concept, like other members of the "sphere" family, is not only fully electric, but also designed to allow autonomous driving. The technique used makes it possible to reveal completely new designs, especially in the interior, and to offer options for the occupants to use their time efficiently, or even just to relax.

The Audi activesphere concept, scheduled to be launched in early 2023, will offer maximum diversity for an active lifestyle both on the road and off-road. Three members of Audi's previously introduced globe family; Audi skyphere, grandsphere and urbansphere concepts will be showcased at Monterey Auto Week in California.

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