Honda Introduced its Portable Battery

Honda introduced its Mobile Power Package (MPP) and initiatives for the comprehensive use of renewable energy in portable and replaceable batteries.

While Japanese automaker Honda aims to be carbon neutral in all its activities by 2050, it has developed the "Honda eMaaS" concept, which supports the "freedom of movement" and "widespread use of renewable energy" approach by connecting electrical transportation products and energy services accordingly.

Within the scope of the concept, it is aimed to expand the use of renewable energy by implementing smart energy operations related to infrastructure, with the transition to electric in Honda's motorcycle and automobile products and expanding the electric product range with the more widespread use of MPP.

While MPP e: was initially planned to be available only to corporate rental customers with Honda e: commercial motorcycles, however, Honda intends to supply MPP e: later on for companies to use in their own products.

According to the statement, thanks to MPP, electricity can be stored when more electricity is produced during the day by solar energy production, and the charge load on the grid can be regulated with the stored electricity in the afternoon when the electricity supply does not meet the demand.

It has been reported that MPP e:, which can be used as a power source in many different electrical devices and can store more than 1.3 kWh of electricity, has a lithium-ion battery with a charging time of about 5 hours.

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