Volkswagen ID.Life Concept Introduced (IAA MOBILITY 2021)

September 12, 2021

Volkswagen introduced its new concept car ID.Life at the IAA Munich International Motor Show (IAA MOBILITY 2021).

Introduced at the IAA Munich International Motor Show held in Munich between 7-12 September, ID. The LIFE concept also gives clues about the design language of the fully electric small segment model that Volkswagen will introduce to the market in 2025. The compact, all-electric crossover concept embodies sustainability, digital technology and timeless innovative design.

The use of natural raw materials and recycled materials reflects the sustainable character of the car. With cameras instead of mirrors, smartphone integration, touchpads on the steering wheel, an intuitive digital operating system, versatile adjustable seats, and the interior that can turn into a game or movie theater in a short time, it offers an automobile experience beyond its time. ID. Life's 234 PS engine can accelerate the vehicle to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds.

Impressive design, comfortable access, elevated seating position and extraordinarily variable interior, ID. It makes LIFE the ideal tool for the urban mobility of the future. In addition, it is well equipped for off-road driving pleasure with its compact dimensions, 190 millimeters of ground clearance, inclination angles of 26° at the front and 37° at the rear.

Natural and recyclable materials

The sustainable character of ID LIFE is heavily reflected in the choice of materials and paints. On the outside of the vehicle, sawdust is used as a natural coloring agent, together with a bio-based hardener, in the paint coating. This reflects the vision to completely eliminate the need for additional paint coatings by using recycled materials in the body constructions of future vehicles. The air-chambered fabric used on the ceiling and the front hood are made entirely from 100% recycled PET bottles. Among other items, ID. Nio-oil, natural rubber and rice husks are used in LIFE's tires.

Front wheel drive electric motor

ID. LIFE is a version built on Volkswagen's MEB (Modular Electric Vehicle Platform) platform for the small segment. The concept, powered by a 234 PS electric motor, is the first model with front-wheel drive based on the MEB platform. This emphasizes the flexible nature of the MEB platform and provides a spacious and spacious area for passengers and cargo space. ID. LIFE accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds. Its high-voltage battery with an energy capacity of 57 kWh provides a range of approximately 400 kilometers compared to WLTP.