Japanese SkyDrive will offer taxi service with its flying vehicle equipped with an "electric vertical take-off and landing" (eVTOL) system at the World Expo Fair to be held in Osaka in 2025.

Speaking at the Japan Foreign Correspondents Club (FCCJ), SkyDrive Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Fukuzawa Tomohiro stated that they want to "drive the once-in-a-century mobility revolution."

"Automobiles and airplanes were introduced to people a century ago as 'they can go anywhere they want,'" Fukuzawa said. "For the next century, there were only developments, not revolution." said.

Describing flying vehicles as "quieter and easier to use" than helicopters, Fukuzawa referred to the agreement they signed with Osaka province and Osaka county within the scope of the project.

Noting that the agreement will "create hope" for the social acceptance of flying vehicles' assets, Fukuzawa said, "Osaka's strong leadership is the 'motive force' towards our project."

Fukuzawa noted that only 10 of the companies that are trying to develop flying vehicles with "electric vertical take-off and landing" (eVTOL) system in the world have carried out manned test flights.

Tested in August 2020

SkyDrive aims to develop the tested SkyDrive SD-03 as the world's smallest eVTOL vehicle, powered by an electric motor to two propellers on each side.

The Tokyo-based firm has around 100 employees, including engineers at Toyota Motor and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

The Kyodo agency reported that SkyDrive made the first human-equipped flying vehicle test flight in August 2020, in public in Japan.

SkyDrive signed a partnership agreement with the state of Osaka this month to allow aircraft vehicles to serve at the World 2025 Expo.

Speaking about the project, Osaka Governor Yoshimiura Hirofumi stated that he wanted flying vehicles in Osaka Bay to carry passengers in 2024.

Hirofumi showed the 5-kilometer distance between the "Universal Studios Japan" campus and the artificial island Yumeshima, where the fair will be held, as an example route.

It is aimed that 150 countries and 25 international organizations will participate in Osaka Expo 2025, which is expected to be held from April 13 to October 13, 2025.

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