Audi Introduced The Skysphere Concept Model

August 25, 2021

Audi introduced the skysphere concept model. Being a roadster model, the new concept features signs of Audi's future design.

In order to provide maximum freedom to passengers, the concept model has been designed with two different driving modes, Grand Touring and Sports, thanks to its variable wheelbase. A sophisticated mechanism comprising electric motors, interlocking body structure and frame components allows to change the wheelbase and the outer length of the car by 250 millimetres. At the same time, the vehicle's ground clearance can be adjusted up to 10 millimeters to increase comfort and driving dynamics.

It is possible to choose between two different driving modes at the push of a button. The driver can either drive the 4.94-meter-long e-roadster vehicle with a reduced wheelbase in “Sports” mode, with an agile drive; He can choose to travel in a 5.19-metre GT in autonomous “Grand Touring” driving mode, while enjoying the services offered by the seamlessly integrated digital ecosystem, whether he is watching the sky and scenery. In GT mode, the steering wheel and pedals move into an invisible area. Audi skysphere automatically pays attention to the road and traffic with its sensor system and takes passengers safely to their destinations.

In the interior design, where a new and contemporary interpretation of luxury is presented, the digital ecosystem offers an unprecedented world of freedom and experience for the vehicle's passengers. There is an almost endless amount of experience in the model, in which Audi has integrated different digital services as well as its own services. Passengers can share their impressions of the road, along with interior and environmental images, via social media. The concept model also takes on daily tasks that go beyond driving: the autonomous Audi skysphere concept receives its passengers by receiving information about their destination, and also handles parking and charging itself.

Audi skysphere's active suspension plays an important role in the versatility of the vehicle's handling characteristics. While driving, the wheels are individually selected, raised or lowered to compensate for unevenness and undulations in the road surface.

One interior, two different spaces

Audi, three concept models of the upcoming period; In the Audi skysphere, Audi grandsphere and Audi urbansphere, the 'Sphere', which surrounds the passengers and becomes an experience area for them, puts the interior at the center of the journey.

All three concept models designed for level 4 autonomous driving are models that can take full responsibility of the driver in certain road and traffic situations and no longer need to intervene.

As a result, control elements such as the steering wheel and pedals can be rotated to an invisible position and passengers, including the passenger in the front left seat, can enjoy a new freedom: to relax, enjoy the view or interact with the Internet and the world through an Internet connection.

Electric motor providing 465 kW of power

Thanks to new technologies such as electrification, digitalization and autonomous driving, Audi skysphere, which offers an experience far beyond the experience of known roadsters, gets its power from the electric motor placed on its rear axle. A total of 465 kilowatts of power and 750 Nm of torque are very efficient with this roadster weighing only around 1,800 kg. A weight distribution of around 60 percent on the reinforced rear axle provides ample traction and, if necessary, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just four seconds.

The Audi skysphere's battery modules are placed primarily behind the cabin to provide an ideal configuration for the vehicle's center of gravity and agility. However, more modules can be found in another position chosen in favor of vehicle dynamics, namely between the seats in the middle tunnel of the interior. The battery capacity, which is expected to be more than 80 kWh, gives the vehicle a range of more than 500 kilometers in economy GT mode, according to the WLTP standard.