Formula E Safety Vehicle named MINI Electric

The all-electric MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter, bearing traces of MINI's performance model JCW, was selected as the new safety vehicle in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship racing series.

Combining MINI's electric future with the performance of John Cooper Works, the MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter was designed in collaboration with MINI Design, BMW Motorsport, FIA and Formula E. Combining the performance character of John Cooper Works with electric mobility, the MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter also reveals the compatibility of the JCW model with electrification.

High Level Dynamism

While the exterior design of the JCW-inspired MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter is designed for track use, the most dynamic version of an all-electric MINI ever meets enthusiasts. The visually striking and technically precise design language gives the car an exciting look.

At the front of the car, classic MINI symbols such as circular headlights and a hexagonal radiator grille are familiar to the eye, while John Cooper Works signature parts such as the wheel arches and deep front apron, which adapt to the car's track width, add to the sporty look of the front. The darkened radiator grille and the MINI ELECTRIC logo refer to the electrification of the safety car. The top of the grille is largely sealed to aid aerodynamics as the front end does not need engine cooling. The safety car's flashing white lights are harmoniously integrated into the bonnet, while the characteristic MINI hood stripes extend from the roof to the rear end.

MINI's Racing Genes

The MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter displays an extremely dynamic stance even from the side profile. With large diameter tires that almost fill the wheel arches, the MINI's racing genes are unveiled. 3D-printed spoilers made of recycled carbon fiber emphasize the aerodynamics of the car, while 18-inch bicolour alloy wheels stand out.

The eye-catching colors of MINI ELECTRIC and John Cooper Works merge in the MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter. While the main body color is matte silver, a glossy coating with a two-stage color transition from "Highspeed Orange" to "Curbside Red" makes the rear of the car even more striking. The contrast between matt and glossy surfaces creates extra smoothness in the vehicle's silhouette, while the clear separation between different colors gives the MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter a more dynamic look. Inspired by the checkered flag on the sides, the pattern meets a large MINI ELECTRIC logo on the radiator grille, roof and rear.

Cab Designed for Maximum Efficiency

The MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter's cabin has been redesigned to save weight. The cabin includes certified seats with a six-point belt approved for both racing and road use, a minimalist carbon fiber shock absorber steering wheel and a digital instrument cluster. In the central information display, carbon fiber coating is used to reduce weight, while carbon fiber materials are used for the gear lever, handbrake and signal levers. Likewise, recycled carbon fiber is used in door panels, while fabric straps are used to facilitate closing the doors. Another feature of the interior is the welded roll cage that maximizes safety.

Ready for Race Tracks with BMW Motorsport Support

Behind the visually strong design of the MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter lies BMW Motorsport's expertise. Strict adherence to lightweight design principles allows the safety vehicle to hold at approximately 1230 kilograms. The safety vehicle, which is 130 kg lighter than the standard MINI ELECTRIC, also takes to the tracks with an electric motor with 184 HP power and 280 Nm torque used in the MINI ELECTRIC. The MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 6.7 seconds. In intermediate acceleration figures, which are even more important for a safety car, the MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter achieves an acceleration of 80-120 km / h in 4.3 seconds.

The engine system works in conjunction with the racing coilover suspension to provide maximum go-kart feel. The MINI ELECTRIC Pacesetter offers maximum road holding, using racing-style suspension control arm links, four-piston brakes and 245/40 R18 Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

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