Toyota exhibited the design demonstration of the "Aygo X prologue", which is expected to bring a new perspective to the A segment.

Designed by Toyota's European design studio ED to shape the future of the segment, the "Aygo X prologue" will attract attention with a bolder and more impressive style for A segment users, according to Toyota's statement.

Shaped according to today's needs and the expectations of A segment users, the Aygo X prologue aims to prove that the so-called "entry-level" vehicles can also have an impressive design.

According to the statement, the Aygo model, first introduced in 2005, is the most accessible model of Toyota in Europe, as well as gaining the appreciation of European users for many years with its fun drive and different style. In order to realize the Aygo X prologue design, the ED design studio set up a special team for this project, and a design was created to become an icon.

Aygo stands out as a model that represents personal freedom and mobility, while the Aygo X prologue is expected to add more excitement to the model. With its new design, the Aygo X prologue, which will have a "strong personality" and "strong stance", will gain a higher view angle as the rim dimensions increase, so that the drivers can see the environment better.

According to the details quoted, the Aygo X prologue will combine its prominent design with a dual-color body, emphasizing that the vehicle is always ready to go. The sloping roofline that supports the sportier style will also increase the sense of dynamism of the vehicle. At the front, high-tech headlights will wrap the hood in a wing shape. In the lower section, a large hexagon-themed grille and fog lights will also support the vehicle's ready-to-move style.

Aygo X prologue will also stand out with its practical features. In addition to features such as a bicycle carrying device that comes out of the license plate at the rear, the action cameras on the exterior mirror covers will stand out as an important feature for exploration and sharing the moment. While the integrated roof bars are designed in visual harmony with hexagonal stop lights, they will also make a reference to Aygo DNA.

With all these design elements, the Aygo X prologue reveals how impressive a small car can be, while Toyota aims to show how it can add color to the A segment with this new design vision.

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