Opel is preparing to implement the new Opel Manta Gse ElektroMOD, the restomod project, in which the "legendary" model Manta is electrified.

According to Opel statement, the word 'Restomod' has been frequently encountered in the automotive world recently. The development of the main features of an old car model with up-to-date technologies without disturbing the design spirit of a classic, old car model is called 'Restomod'.

In this context, Opel Manta, which will turn into an electric car, will take its place among the battery-electric classic models. Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD turns into an exciting project by blending the legendary design of the past with today's zero emission technology.

According to the statement, Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD carries the sporting spirit of the Opel Gse with its digital cockpit and battery-electric power-transfer system. MOD represents the change in technique and design as a modern sustainable lifestyle. "Elektro", which means electric in German, is reminiscent of the Opel Elektro GT, which broke world records for electric vehicles 50 years ago.

In this way, Opel Manta avoids obstacles such as spare parts and maintenance requirements for the engine and transmission or restrictions imposed on old internal combustion engines. The conversion to ElektroMOD also reveals how immortal the design lines from 1970 are. This design, which has aroused excitement and attracted attention for half a century, fits with the recently renewed Opel design philosophy.

According to the details in the statement, the 1970 Manta also inspired the design of the new Opel brand face. The new Manta GSe ElektroMOD goes the same way. Architecture called Opel Visor; It combines the grille, headlights, sensors and brand logo as a single element. The brand's newest models, Crossland and Mokka, carry the Opel Visor, which will be used as the face of all Opel models in the future.

Manta GSe ElektroMOD transforms Opel's transition to electrification into an exciting experience for both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The brand plans to offer all models electrified by 2024. As in the example of Grandland X, Opel offers the customer two different options, either rechargeable electric or fully battery electric. Opel, today from Corsa-e to Zafira-e Life; It brings electric vehicle options in different segments, from Combo-e to Vivaro-e, to its consumers.

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