Scuderia Ferrari introduced the SF21, prepared for the 2021 Formula 1 season. Without forgetting the past; An exterior appearance blending two different red tones was applied in the 2021 racing car, which was prepared with a future perspective.

Scuderia Ferrari, Mission Winnow's racing car SF21, which will race this season, is launched. "The rear of the vehicle is reminiscent of the burgundy red of a Ferrari 125 S." “But as we move towards the cockpit, the color of the vehicle gradually turns into the modern red we have been using in recent years. An extremely tough season awaits us. However, thanks to this view, we walk visually to the future with our strength from the past. " he spoke.

The SF21, the 67th car produced in Maranello to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship, was also launched as the evolution of the SF1000 that competed last season. For the 2021 season, the FIA ​​and F1 management decided to protect the chassis of the vehicles used in 2020 and limit the areas to be changed, due to the COVID-19 affected by the last year. As required by the regulation, in SF21; A completely new engine was used while the chassis in 2020 was taking place. Aerodynamics at the rear of the vehicle have been improved. Thus, the team used its right to make changes in these two areas.

Technicial Specifications

Engine: 065/6

Volume: 1600 cc

Maximum speed: 15.000 rpm

Turbocharger: Single turbo

Fuel flow: 100 kg/hr maximum

Configuration: V6 90°

Diameter: 80 mm

Stroke: 53 mm

Number of valves: 4 valves per cylinder

Injection: 500 bar direct injection

ERS System

Configuration: Hybrid energy recovery system with electromotive generator unit

Battery kit: Lithium-ion battery weighing 20 kg

Battery kit maximum capacity: 4 MJ

MGU-K maximum power: 120 kW (161 HP)

MGU-K maximum speed: 50.000 rpm

MGU-H Maximum speed: 125,000


Total weight-752 kg including coolant, oil and driver.

Chassis made of carbon fiber and honeycomb composite material with a halo protection unit around the cockpit.

Body and seat made of carbon fiber.

Rear differential with hydraulic torque converter.

Brembo carbon brake discs at the front and rear.

Electronic brake system on rear brakes.

Longitudinally mounted Ferrari transmission with 8 forward and one reverse gears.

Push-rod front suspension, pull-rod rear suspension.

13-inch front and rear wheels

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