American electric car manufacturer Tesla is expected to recall about 158,000 Tesla due to faulty screens.

Tesla's unsuccessful touchscreen issue prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Thinking that the touchscreen problem on Tesla models could cause an accident, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is asking the American electric car manufacturer Tesla to withdraw its 158,000 vehicles due to potentially dangerous display malfunctions. Tesla's recall includes some Model S models produced between 2012-2018 and Model X produced between 2016-2018.

The NHTSA first started with Tesla about the screen problem when he received complaints about the problematic touch screens and opened an investigation on the issue. It was thought that the rear view camera was not displayed on the screen and if it malfunctioned while driving, it could cause an accident.

Tesla sent a letter on January 13 regarding this problem. In the letter, NHTSA stated that the display problems were caused by Tesla's media controller (MCU) flash memory problems, which caused premature failure.

Tesla is admitted to have implemented a few wireless updates to alleviate some of the issues, but the updates are believed to be insufficient.

NHTSA is now asking Tesla to either make a recall or state its decision clearly beyond past explanations. Elon Musk, who won the title of the richest person in the world by passing Jeff Bezos last week, fell to the second place after this development. Tesla suffered a sudden loss of value due to these problems, and Elon Musk lost $ 13.5 billion in 1 day.

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