Model S, one of Tesla's most important models and holds a very important place in the electric car market, has undergone a make-up operation.

Tesla is a different automaker from other automakers. Tesla, which does not follow the path followed by the standard manufacturers, first presented the interior of the car to us. The tablet-shaped vertical infotainment system that has long been found in the Model S and Model X has been replaced by the horizontal version found in the Model 3 and Model Y. Tesla announced that this new screen has a size of 17 inches and the screen has a resolution of 2200×1300. In addition, Tesla claims that they increase the speed of the system's feedback.


The most striking and discussed detail in the renewed Model S was of course the steering wheel similar to the plane lever. It is still possible to control the screen of the infotainment system with the buttons on the steering wheel of this form, which we first saw in the Roadster concept in Tesla.

Tesla has now added a digital instrument cluster to the Model Y model. Decorating the cabin of the vehicle with wooden elements, the brand has succeeded in making the living space more attractive in general.

Tesla also thought of the rear passengers and a screen was placed at this point. Rear passengers will be able to play many games from this screen as well as control the infotainment system.

The renewed Tesla Model S has received a new equipment option called Plaid + with the make-up operation.

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