World's First “Adventure Crossover” Maxi Scooter; KYMCO DTX 360

The KYMCO DTX 360, the world's first "Adventure Crossover" maxi scooter model, opens the door for motorcyclists who spend most of their lives in the city, to safely meet comfort and enjoy driving in different road conditions.

KYMCO, one of the biggest names in the scooter class of the motorcycle world, adds a brand new dimension to the usual scooter usage habits with its new model DTX 360. The motorcycles of urban life and intercity journeys, maxi scooters are also transported to the fields with KYMCO DTX 360, the world's first "Adventure Crossover" maxi scooter. 

Functional design and ideal engine

KYMCO, which has been developing and selling products beyond customer expectations for more than half a century, continues this tradition with the new DTX 360. The new KYMCO DTX 360 stands out at first glance with its high structure and sportiness in front fender design. The wide handlebar design makes it easier to maneuver on uneven terrain, while the high sitting position improves the maxi scooter's visibility. With a weight of 194 kg, the DTX 360's driving comfort is complemented by a telescopic front suspension and double shock absorber rear suspension. Lightweight aluminum alloy wheels and tires suitable for different grounds allow a more comfortable and comfortable ride on uneven and rough surfaces. The advantageous and functional design of the DTX 360 is also supported by the engine that achieves the ideal performance conditions. The 320,6 cc water-cooled, 4-stroke and single-cylinder engine produces 29 HP power in the DTX 360 and offers 30 Nm torque at 5,750 rpm. Equipped with front and rear disc brakes, the motorcycle has a 12.5-liter fuel tank.

DTX 360 is supported by many technological features along with its easily accessible keyless system. The traction control system helps the user to drive in a balanced and controlled manner on different and sometimes difficult road surfaces. The colored LED instrument panel supports functionality by providing ease of use with improved readability. New DTX 360 driver with all these features; It offers versatile uses such as ease of maneuvering in city traffic, comfortable driving on the highway, and discovering unexplored places when desired.

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