In October, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared an update for Model S and Model X models with his followers on Twitter. This update offers extra power and acceleration for models.

The update released for Tesla Model S and Model X draws attention with offering extra power and acceleration for models. The software update v.2020.12.5 offers better temperature management, +50 hp power gain, suspension updates and the new "Cheetah" mode.

The brand, which makes an improvement in temperature management, is now more reliable in acceleration and successive driving. Tesla is now heating up the competition by doing better heat management like Porsche Taycan.

Tesla models are now +50 hp stronger

With this update, the models gained extra strength. All loved models are now. + 50 hp more powerful. In this update, it again proves that the brand has a very serious software power. In addition, with this update, Model S and Model X can now accelerate more aggressively after 130 km / h.

New “Launch Control” features

In addition, with the improvements mainly made on the "Launch" mode, the front suspensions will be closer to the ground when the brand owners activate the "Launch" mode. Adaptive dampers will also be adjusted in proportion to this. In addition, Tesla has been given the name "cheetah posture" to this type of "Launch", as the front of the car has moved to a position closer to the ground and reminds the cheetah movements.

Finally, Tesla explained in his statement that "Ludicrous Plus" and modes that offer maximum range can also be activated more easily with the new update.

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