BMW announced that it will open an electric car factory by investing $ 716 million with its Chinese partner, the Great Wall.

The annual production capacity of 160 thousand vehicles announced in BMW's new factory BMW and Mini's electric models of the bands and the Great Wall cars will be recorded. Besides BMW, Tesla and Volkswagen are among the brands that will produce electric vehicles in China.

German automaker BMW is preparing to invest in a new production plant in China. The company's joint investment with China's local partner, Great Wall, is reported to be $ 716 million.

BMW's new Chinese factory is aimed to produce 160 thousand vehicles per year, the models to be produced in the electric cars of the BMW and Mini Great Wall cars will be recorded.

China is pushing automotive manufacturers to produce vehicles with low emissions, ie less polluting air. Therefore, one of every five cars sold in China in 2025 is expected to be electric or hybrid, thanks to brands that have increased their investment in electric cars.

Another German automotive manufacturer, Volkswagen (VW), is one of the brands preparing to produce electric vehicles in China.

VW recently announced that it will commission an electric vehicle factory in China next year with a production capacity of 600,000 vehicles.

Tesla, the US electric vehicle manufacturer, aims to produce 500,000 electric cars per year at its facility built in Shanghai, China.

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