The A7 Sportback, one of the most iconic models of the Audi brand, is available with a 2-liter diesel engine. A7 Sportback, which has a 2-liter diesel engine, called the 40 TDI according to the new engine nomenclature method introduced by Audi in recent years, produces 204 Hp.

Systematic digitization: MMI touch screen and online voice control

In line with the new A8 digitalization strategy, the Audi A7 Sportback is equipped with an MMI touch screen concept with acoustic haptic feedback. This means that a function is activated and can be felt when touching the screen and clicking sound is heard. Audi's optional voice control is designed to communicate with natural language in MMI navigation and above systems. This system processes all data using both in-vehicle information and information from the cloud. The MMI navigation plus also includes the Audi virtual cockpit.

More dynamic driving and more comfortable long distance trips: Chassis

Audi offers a choice of 39 different driver assistance systems in the A7 Sportback.

The combination of dynamism and comfort is further optimized in the Audi A7 Sportback. Providing dynamic agility while curling up on urban roads, this feature also offers comfortable driving on the highway. The optional dynamic four-wheel steering system combines direct steering control with superior stability. On the front axle, this function changes the steering ratio according to the driving situation, while on the rear axle the wheels are rotated in the same direction as the front wheels or in a different direction from the front wheels.

Body concept: Coupé, Sedan and Avant together

The design of the Coupé, the size of the sedan and the variety of Avant. The Audi A7 Sportback presents the best of the three worlds. The interior is 21 millimeters longer than the previous model of the car's 535-liter luggage volume, the rear seats can be increased to 1,390 liters by tilting.

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