The Audi Q8, the latest face of the Audi family of Audi, attracts attention with its exterior design, spacious and elegant interior, high-tech navigation, infotainment and entertainment systems.

Combining the practical versatility of a four-door luxury coupé vehicle with the advantages of a large SUV, the Audi Q8 also offers a highly equipped, comprehensive connectivity. With its quattro all-wheel drive, the vehicle has exceptional durability for off-road driving, making it the ideal companion for both business and pleasure driving.

Flexible, sporty and elegant

The sporty dynamism and high-level premium feeling used by all other SUV models from Audi are even more evident in the Audi Q8. 4.99 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.71 meters high, the SUV is wider, shorter and closer to its brother than the Q7. Thanks to the axle distance of almost 3 meters, the interior is more spacious than its competitors in terms of length and height. When the rear seats are folded down, the total volume of the boot reaches 1.755 liters.

New exterior design for the Q family

Launched as the new face of the Q model family, the Q8 is recognized by its octagonal single grille at first glance. The powerful radiator grille in the upright position is combined with front spoiler and stiff lines air ducts, giving the car a confident look. The elegant rear-facing roof meets the slightly inclined D-pillar and ends at the quattro line on the wheel arches that house 22-inch wheels. As standard, the Q8 is available with LED headlights, while the HD Matrix LED technology is available as optional equipment. Both daytime running lights and taillights have a digital character with three-dimensional views.

Sporty driving

Audi's SUV is also top class, integrated with quattro as in other models of the brand. The power output of the fully mechanical center differential motor is 40:60 as standard for the front and rear axle. When necessary, most of the power is directed to the axle, which has more road holding. In addition to this, the Audi Q8 can continue with the same performance after the end of asphalt, thanks to a floor height of 254 mm, short front and rear overhangs and downhill descent control. In comfort and sport modes, the adaptive air suspension is available as an optional feature, the floor height can vary up to 90 millimeters depending on the road conditions and the driver's preference.

The four-wheel steer system is optional in the model, which features the Progressive Steering. In this system, the rear wheels, which can change direction up to 5 degrees, are rotated in the direction of rotation to increase the agility at low speeds, and in order to increase the balance at high speeds.

Precise and clear controls and indicators

Thanks to the new Audi Q8's management concept with the MMI touchscreen, it is possible to access almost all functions of the car via two widescreen displays. The top 10.1 inch display is used by the infotainment and navigation, while the driver can manage and operate the car's heating and ventilation system and comfort functions via the 8.6 inch display.

When the user presses a button, it receives vibration and voice feedback. In addition, the Audi Q8 turns into a smart talk partner thanks to the voice control system. The driver does not have to stay connected to certain patterns when commanding the system, for example, it is enough to say değil I'm hungry unda to find nearby restaurants.

The car's displays are all in the digital Audi virtual cockpit. The high-resolution 12.3-inch display has two different view options, which can be changed by the multifunction steering wheel. The optional plus option offers a sporty third look. The overhead indicator also reflects important information, such as a comprehensive lane assistant that helps with navigation, on the windscreen.

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